Janasewa Samaj Nepal

Public Welfare Society Nepal

Janasewa Community Hospital

Janasewa Community Hospital (JSCH) is the first community hospital in Khotang district serving its Northern belt which is remote, mostly road less in the mid-hills with a population of about 70,000. This is also the first community hospital in the entire Eastern hills of Nepal.

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Eye Camp In Jalapa

Jalpa Outreach Microsurgical Eye Clinic, Feb 26-27.Successfully conducted Eye Camp in Jalpa, 121 operation of cataract have been done and 1044 people got eye checked.

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Village Development by Villagers

At the JSSN, we have several beliefs about development. We believe that development starts from the self and from the activist's house. People should not be mere passive objects but the agents of development.

We also believe that the out-migration of local educated people is responsible for the stagnancy in the development of any place.

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Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome! The JSSN is a secular, non-political, non- profit community organization founded in 1991. We are dedicated to staying in our home villages. We believe that developing villages is the key to developing Nepal.

The Public Welfare Society Nepal or JSSN (Janasewa Samaj in Nepali) conducts community development projects in a remote hilly corner in eastern Nepal in education, health, sustainable agriculture, and microfinance. We work to improve the lives of our village neighbors, especially traditionally marginalized groups such as children, dalits ("untouchables"), the poor, the disabled, women, and indigenous people.

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Janasewa Samaj Nepal- a Brief Intro

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